Hair Clipper Prank


★Hair Clipper Prank★
The simplest clipper app you can use that offers the most realistic hair clipper sound.
Mess with your friends by pretending to shave off their hair !!!
Place the edge of your phone against the scalp of an unsuspecting friend, and they will feel as though they are getting their hair cut. I am sure you can think of someone to use this on !!!!!
High quality sounds recorded from a real razor
Vibration to create a real clipper feel .
Check out our YouTube video here:
This application is the lite (FREE) version, which is supported with ads. If you
would like to purchase the paid version you can find it here on Google play.
Rated E for everyone, and enjoyable for all ages :)
***Permissions for the FREE HAIR CLIPPER PRANK are short and simple***
We will never collect any private or confidential information!!!! Privacy is important to us as well!!!
Internet - Access Network State : Admob ads
Vibrate - So we can create the clippers realistic feel
★Email issues here:
Please feel free to contact us with any issues.
Scheduled updates.
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